Tutorial: Website Editing

This is a quick guide to help you edit your website using Wrodpress.

Step 1

LogginG in

The first step is to log into your websites dashboard. You can access the login page using the following URL.


Example: www.domainname.co.uk/wp-admin

Enter the Username and Password provided in order to log into your dashboard.

Step 2

Editing your website

Once logged in, you will be presented with your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to your site by clicking the home button in the top left.

You will now see your website, with a banner at the top of the screen. (You will know you are logged in when you see this banner).
Select ‘Enable Visual Builder’ to enter editing mode

Hover over different page elements in order to edit them. Select the ‘cog’ icon to start editing any element.

Once you have made all required changes, select ‘Exit Visual Builder’ at the top of the page.

You will be asked if you would like to save, selecte ‘Save & Exit’, to save your changes. Changes are published immediately.